Why Entrust Your Data Center to a Third-Party Data Center Provider

Third-Party Data Center Provider

You’re considering moving your data center to a third-party data center provider that offers cloud or colocation services because of the cost, efficiency, reliability, and performance benefits. But you’re (rightly) concerned about security.

Moving to a Third-Party Data Center Provider

The truth is, data center security starts with your security strategy—a strategy that, in part, drives whether or not to use your own data center or a cloud or colocation service.

Here’s another truth: third-party data center providers can (and often do) provide a more physically secure environment than your own data center can.

Compare your data center to a third-party data center provider:

Location – A third-party data center provider considers what might happen in the event of a natural disaster—a flood, hurricane, earthquake, or other natural act—and that starts with a well-considered location. A good location spells convenience for you, but a zone with a low probability of a natural disaster spells security for your data center. How does your data center stack up?

Design – A third-party data center provider also considers building design and where critical infrastructure will reside within that building or its perimeter. Was your building designed specifically to control access to your data center?

Access Control – A third-party data center provider thinks about who might want to physically access your data center—terrorists, hacktivists, competitors, or other bad actors—and controls access from the parking lot all the way into the data center to prevent unauthorized entry. Do you use bollards, mantraps, biometric screening, and other control measures to prevent someone from physically accessing your data center?

Monitoring – A third-party data center provider monitors the data center environment 24×7. If your data center has 24×7 video surveillance or a global command center staffed by skilled professionals, it would share that distinction with few others.

Our business – A third-party data center provider thinks about potential security vulnerabilities before you do. For example, the number of drones registered in the U.S. has eclipsed the number of piloted aircrafts, according to the FAA1. Have you thought about what you would do if a drone attacked your data center?

IO considers all of these factors when thinking about how best to secure the data center. IO Vice President of Product and Technology, Mark Wachtmann, was recently featured in an article about how our data center in New Jersey—as well as all of our data centers—can keep your data center both safe and accessible.

Our modular data centers, in particular, add another layer of security over typical raised floor environments. Your equipment resides within a fully enclosed environment, making it invisible and inaccessible to anyone else in the facility.

IO is also considering how best to harden the shell against future attacks. As Wachtmann says: “…with the proliferation of drones you’re going to see more and more data centers considering that in their designs.”

Read more about it here (registration required). Better yet, schedule a tour of IO’s New Jersey data center so we can show you ourselves.

1 Source: “FAA: Drone registration eclipses that of regular planes,” USAToday.com, 02/08/2016.

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